COVID-19 has changed so many aspects of our lives, not least of all our travel plans. Although we’re still a long way off from ‘normal,’ vaccines have started to roll out, and we’re inching that much closer to a global recovery. International travel bans have loosened in some parts of the world; likewise, so have travel restrictions for US citizens.

So where can Americans travel right now in the midst of all this?

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Where can Americans travel right now without quarantine, here is 16 amazing destinations to consider.

Every country has its own rules and restrictions. These can change weekly so it’s really important to check the guidelines yourself and to be cognisant of the risk factors. Keeping yourself and others safe should always be the priority. That said, there are certain places currently open to Americans with no quarantine required.

Here are 16 amazing destinations to consider when planning your next trip.

1. Costa Rica

As long as you provide proof of medical insurance that covers COVID-related expenses, Americans can still travel to Costa Rica without quarantine or proof of a negative test. Americans must complete an online Health Pass 48 hours prior to travel through.

2. Jordan

Jordan is another country where Americans can travel during COVID as long as they satisfy three conditions. Visitors will need proof of a negative test taken 72 hours prior to arrival and will need to be tested upon arrival in Amman. Health insurance covering COVID is also mandatory. If all three are completed, quarantine is not mandatory.

3. Croatia

Croatia has excitingly opened up to tourist travel for 2021, including US travelers with no quarantine required. Visitors must show proof of either a negative PCR or rapid antigen test from the last 48 hours or a certificate of vaccination with the final dose taken more than 14 days before arrival. Travelers can also pay for their own testing upon arrival but must isolate until the results come in.

4. Bahamas

Americans can travel to the Bahamas but will need to fulfil a few requirements to avoid quarantine. Travelers must complete a health visa that includes proof of a negative test within 5 days prior to arrival. COVID travel insurance is also mandatory. There is a fee associated with the visa which varies depending on how long you stay.

5. Turkey

If you’re looking to travel to Turkey in the near future, you’ll be required to provide proof of a negative test within 72 hours of departure. Screenings will be completed upon arrival but quarantine is not required for Americans at this time.

6. Ecuador

Americans can still travel to Ecuador with proof of a negative COVID test taken 10 days prior to arrival. Random testing may also be completed at the airport.

7. Guatemala

Guatemala is currently allowing American citizens through its border. Americans must complete a Health Pass and have proof of a negative test taken within 96 hours of arrival to Guatemala. As long as those requirements are met, Americans can still travel here without quarantine.

8. Mexico

One of the most accessible countries where Americans can still travel in Mexico. You won’t need to supply a negative test result but will be subject to potential health screenings at the airport when you arrive. Make sure you keep checking the latest updates for changes to guidelines here.

9. Egypt

Americans can still travel to Egypt with proof of a negative test taken within 96 hours of departure. Paper copies of the test are required, and digital copies are not sufficient. Americans will also be required to provide proof of health insurance, but won’t need quarantine.

10. Zimbabwe

There are a few requirements for entry into Zimbabwe. Americans must provide proof of a negative test from the last 48 hours or get tested upon arrival. If you don’t test beforehand and opt for the test upon arrival, you must quarantine until your results come back.

11. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is another country where Americans can still travel subject to a few restrictions. You won’t be required to provide any test results but may be subject to random rapid tests upon arrival. You’ll be required to quarantine only if the test results are positive.

12. Tanzania

Unless required by your airline, a negative COVID test is not required in order for Americans to visit Tanzania. Travelers will have to fill out a Health Surveillance Form on their flight, and no quarantine is required.

13. Colombia

Americans can still travel to Colombia; and the Caribbean coast during COVID. Those traveling to Colombia must show proof of a negative test taken no more than 96 hours prior to departure. Quarantine is not required upon arrival.

14. Jamaica

Jamaica is another country where Americans can still travel but its citizens will need to obtain a travel authorization within 5 days of departure. They’ll need to also present results from a negative COVID test at the airport beforehand. Quarantine is not required as long as travelers remain in the tourist areas.

15. South Africa

Americans can still travel to South Africa but will need to provide a negative COVID test 72 hours before departure. Visitors will be screened upon arrival into South Africa, and all travelers are asked to install their local COVID app too.

16. Maldives

The Maldives can remain on American’s travel list this year. Thanks to its remote aspects, it’s one of the better places to visit and makes social distancing a lot easier. Americans must complete a Traveler Health Declaration and have proof of a negative test before arrival into the Maldives.

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